Welcome to the official Bluefin Tuna website. We have detailed information about the Bluefin Tuna. Check out the top ten Bluefin of the year. You can research charters boats and find out which captains catch the most Bluefin. We also have a Bluefin photo gallery from all over California. Interested in setting a record check out the current records for the Bluefin Tuna.

Bluefin of the Day

Bluefin of the Year

Daily Bluefin Scores

Boat Trip Type Caught
Tribute Overnight 9
New Lo-An 1.5 Day 2

Top 10 Bluefin Boats

Rank Boat Caught
1 Pacific Queen 305
2 San Diego 271
3 Liberty 212
4 Tribute 195
5 Pacific Voyager 141
6 Mission Belle 121
7 Malihini 60
8 New Lo-An 58
9 Old Glory 45
10 Oceanside 95 30